Three winners will receive a complete variety pack every month

One strap of each size, in all three buckle options

( 9 Straps Total - Shipping Included )

How to Enter:

Show us a photo of how you've put your Voile Straps to use!
Post your photo directly to the @voilestraps Facebook page, and include the hashtag #voilestrapsforthewin in the photo's description.

*You must like and follow our Facebook page to enter.

**It is important to include the full hashtag in the photo's description so that we can find your photo when we compile the list of entries each month.

Winner Selection:

  • You'll be granted an entry to the Random Drawing for every photo you post (maximum of 3 entries per month to the random drawing).
  • Friends and fans can "Like" your photos - the most popular photo will win the User's Choice Award.
  • We'll select our favorite photo and award the participant with the Judge's Choice Award.

Each Prize Includes:

• 32” XL Series Voile Strap
• 22” XL Series Voile Strap
• 25” Aluminum Buckle Voile Strap
• 20” Aluminum Buckle Voile Strap
• 15” Aluminum Buckle Voile Strap
• 25” Nylon Buckle Voile Strap
• 20” Nylon Buckle Voile Strap
• 15” Nylon Buckle Voile Strap
• 12” Nylon Buckle Voile Strap

Nine Straps, 3 Buckle Options, 5 Different Colors