Voile Straps are made from an extremely tough polyurethane. They are semi-elastic, allowing you to torque down on them to tightly secure your cargo. With a UV-resistant additive, these straps are virtually oblivious to weather. In climates hot or cold, wet or dry: Voile Straps thrive in adversity.

How they work

1. With buckle’s prong facing outward, feed the tail through the buckle.
2. Tightly pull the remaining slack over the buckle’s post. Easy!

Secure, bundle, and repair anything on the go.

From A-framed skis to gravel-dinged downtubes, roof racks to aircraft struts: Voile Straps are relied upon by adventurers at the earth’s equator and antarctic alike.

No matter where you’re going and no matter your method of travel, there is an ever-growing arsenal of time tested, weather immune, and damn-near indestructible Voile Straps ready to keep your kit dialed.

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Reviews from industry experts


“In my opinion there’s not really anything out there that matches the reliability and nigh-on indestructibility of the Voile Strap design. Sure you can use duct tape, or bungees, or some cord – but nothing will offer the same simplicity, speed and security you have here.”

— Benedict Pfender / An Ode to the Humble Ski Strap

Backcountry Magazine

“Voile Straps are duct tape’s reusable, stronger cousin with an applicability only as endless as imagination. Even after three decades, the Voile Strap remains the most relevant tool in any kit.”

— Tyler Cohen / Security System: Why Even After Three Decades the Voile Strap Remains the Most Relevant Tool in Any Kit.


“Perhaps the must useful and durable accessory that every bikepacker should own… a bikepacking necessity that we’ve used on almost every trip.”

— Logan Watts / Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide


“A marvel of simplicity, durability, and versatility, the Voile Strap is the backcountry equivalent of duct tape. In fact, it’s better than duct tape… the situations where a Voile Strap can save your day are nearly limitless.”

— Lexi Dowdall / You Are Backcountry: 20 Uses for a Voile Strap