Voile Straps® have been used and abused on every continent, in every environment — from ski expeditions in Antarctica, to motorcycle tours through Mongolia, and even trips to and from your local home improvement store. Voile Straps® thrive in adversity.

"Voile Straps are duct tape’s reusable, stronger cousin with an applicability only as endless as imagination. Even after three decades, the Voile Strap remains the most relevant tool in any kit."
~ Tyler Cohen / Backcountry Magazine

"Perhaps the must useful and durable accessory that every bikepacker should own... a bikepacking necessity that we’ve used on almost every trip."
~ Logan Watts / Bikepacking.com

What Do They Outperform?

We’re not saying to throw away that roll of silvery stuff, but stranger things have happened. Likewise with bungee cords, rope, twine and even those nylon straps with plastic buckles. Voilé Straps are virtually oblivious to UV light and moisture, and come with a two-year guarantee to boot.

Size Options

Our standard 12” Voile Strap® was a mainstay in ski circles for many years, but we broadened the line to include a few more sizes as skis got wider and people found even more ingenious ways to use them.

Today we offer our standard 3/4” wide straps in 15”, 20”, and 25” lengths.

Our beefier 1” wide straps, which we call the XL Series, are available in two lengths: 22” and 32.”

All that said, you’re never really stuck with any Voile Strap’s length, because they can easily be daisy-chained to make any effective length.

Buckle Options

Choose from standard aluminum, or our versatile nylon buckle.

The traditional metal buckle is forged of heat-treated aluminum for extra durability, and features a slim profile for packing efficiency. This design has proven so efficient that it has been copied many times over by would-be competitors.

The carbon-glass filled nylon buckle is just as strong as our time-tested standard buckle. But it is also non-marring and non-conductive, making it ideal for motorsport enthusiasts and contractors. With zero reflective elements, you now have the ultimate accessory with a million more uses.

Color Options

The original orange strap has been a Voile institution for decades, favored due to their high visibility. You will never have difficulty spotting a vibrant orange Voile Strap® when you need one most.

As our enthusiasts have invented new ways to use their Voile Straps® we have continued to offer more colors to better suit their needs.

The entire Voile Straps® line is now available in five different colors.